​Schools that wish to provide nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) to their students have a choice of becoming a registered training organisation (RTO) or partnering with an existing RTO.

Registered Training Organisation

Once a school has become an RTO, it may outsource or contract services for the delivery of training and assessment, but must have in place quality assurance processes that comply with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

To comply with the AQTF, a school must have recognised experience to teach and assess VET qualifications within its scope of registration, which defines the courses, qualifications and other services it intends to deliver. AQTF compliance means that the school must:

  • have the appropriate facilities
  • have the resource requirements outlined in the training package
  • have teachers with appropriate industry knowledge and qualifications
  • only deliver courses and qualifications within its scope of registration.

Once registered the school becomes responsible for:

  • the provision of training delivery and assessment
  • maintenance of student records
  • certification of the training credential.


If a school is not an RTO or does not have the necessary scope of registration or capabilities to deliver a particular qualification, it must partner with an RTO to share the delivery of the VET course.

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