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How can the NT Disadvantaged Groups Employer Incentive Scheme help me?

The NT Disadvantaged Groups Employer Incentive Scheme provides a financial incentive for businesses in the private sector to employ additional apprentices and trainees from disadvantaged groups.

Each eligible employer who employs a new apprentice / trainee from a disadvantaged group and maintains that apprentice / trainee in employment for at least six months of his or her apprenticeship / traineeship, will receive one incentive payment totalling $2000 (inc GST).

Employer incentives:

  • are released in rounds throughout the year
  • may vary in number from one round to the next round
  • will be advertised through public notices which will be placed in Territory newspapers to provide details of when a round of incentives has been released and how many incentives are available in that round.

What are the eligibility criteria for the incentive?

Eligibility for this incentive applies to employers of apprentices / trainees if their apprentice / trainee:

  • is an Australian citizen, permanent Australian resident or a New Zealand citizen who has resided in Australia for a minimum of six months meets one or more of the following criteria:
    • is significantly disadvantaged due to a physical, psychological or intellectual disability*
    • is a migrant with Permanent Residency status, excluding those who have arrived in Australia through a skilled stream of migration and who is from a culturally or linguistically diverse background*
    • identifies, and is accepted, as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander*.
    * Both the employer and apprentice / trainee will be required to sign a Statutory Declaration confirming that the apprentice / trainee meets relevant eligibility criteria under one or more of these categories of employment disadvantage:
    • is employed in an occupation requiring a Certificate level II, III, IV or Vocational Education and Training Diploma qualification
    • has a registered training contract that is commenced on or after the day the round of incentives was released
    • is a full-time employee (not school based or part-time)
    • is a new employee (no more than three months prior employment with the employer) not an existing worker of the business
    • is still employed as an apprentice / trainee after the six-month qualifying period to claim the incentive payment.

An employer's eligibility against the above criteria will be assessed from information provided in the apprenticeship / traineeship training contract lodged with Australian Apprenticeships NT. Australian Apprenticeships NT will inform employers in writing if they are eligible to receive the incentive and provide claim forms.

After the six-month qualifying period, the eligible employer may lodge a claim for the incentive payment with Australian Apprenticeships NT. All eligibility criteria must be met prior to the employer receiving the incentive entitlement.

If an employer is unsure if they qualify for an incentive payment under any of these criteria, they should contact Australian Apprenticeships NT on 1300 137 130, facsimile (08) 8935 8231 or email for further information on this scheme.

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How many times can I access the incentive?

To ensure a fair and equitable distribution of incentives under the scheme, eligible employers will be able to claim a maximum of two NT Disadvantaged Group Employer Incentives for new apprentices / trainees in each round of incentive funding.

How much will I get paid and when?

Employers who have received written confirmation of eligibility from Australian Apprenticeships NT will receive one payment after the six-month qualifying period. On lodgement of a claim form to Australian Apprenticeships NT, employers are eligible for the one payment of $2000 (inc GST).

Payment claims must be made within 12 months of commencement.

Why do I have to wait six months for the payment?

Employers will have to wait until the end of the six-month qualifying period for the payment, as the aim of this scheme is to create secure employment, ensure workforce continuity and to alleviate skill shortages.

What apprenticeships and traineeships are eligible for the NT Disadvantaged Groups Employer Incentive Scheme?

Eligible apprenticeships and traineeships can be found on the NT Apprenticeships and Traineeships Database.

Can I access any other incentives?

Employers may also be eligible for the NT Occupational Shortage Employer Incentive Scheme, Australian Government apprenticeship / traineeship incentives in addition to the NT Disadvantaged Group Employer Incentives - check with your Australian Apprenticeships NT representative.

Are there any exceptional circumstances?

If an employer thinks that there are exceptional circumstances surrounding eligibility for an incentive that requires further consideration, employers should complete and submit an Exceptional Circumstances Claim Form which can be supplied by Australian Apprenticeships NT.​