The Department of Business facilitates and encourages business innovation and commercially focused research and development in the Northern Territory on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. Innovation drives knowledge creation by turning new ideas into commercially successful new products, processes and services. Cutting edge science, technology, engineering and design enhance industry capabilities, international competitiveness and business productivity.

The Innovation and Science Unit:

  • provides policy advice as well as administrative and support services for Department of Business initiatives supporting innovation, especially for Northern Territory micro, small and medium enterprises
  • engages with research and innovation groups in government agencies, educational institutions and private sector entities, both nationally and internationally
  • represents the Northern Territory’s interests and provides input to the development of policies and initiatives from a Northern Territory perspective
  • fosters collaboration and networking, particularly regarding Northern Territory business participation and growth
  • monitors best practice and state-of-the-art knowledge, initiatives, opportunities and funding availability, and disseminates this information to key client stakeholders
  • networks to achieve collaborative synergies in research and innovation outcomes with relevant partners and within Northern Territory Government departments.