​Eligibility criteria

The awards are open to all businesses in the Northern Territory. Nominees must be NT-based small-to-medium-sized businesses (membership of AIDN-NT is not a prerequisite).

Selection process

Nominations will be judged on achievements consistent with the Northern Territory Defence Support Industry Development Strategy. Achievements should reflect one or more of the key elements of the strategy, for example:

  • workforce development (for example, employee training and development)
  • building business capabilities (for example, new skills or capability introduced)
  • profiling and promoting industry capability (for example, promoting outside NT)
  • establishing strategic partnerships (for example, MOU with other businesses)
  • research and development (for example, new innovation that improves business)
  • linking industry to opportunity
  • developing strategic infrastructure. 

If deemed necessary by the selection panel to validate the authenticity of a nomination, the nominee will be contacted and a site visit arranged.

Nominees should be working within the Defence support industry for at least two years. The selection panel may use its discretion in allowing a nomination from a business that has achieved a Defence-related contract for the first time within the past two years, or has initiated a strategic capability that will benefit the Defence support industry as a whole.

Supporting statements for a nomination for either the Chief Minister’s Award or the Minister for Defence Support Award, should specify:

  • a brief description of the business and how it supports Defence in the Northern Territory (or elsewhere if applicable)
  • a description of the activity/change in the business which contributes to one or more of the elements of the strategy
  • how the achievement be sustained into the future
  • which elements of the Strategy the achievement links to
  • how has the achievement has improved the business’ capability to undertake Defence-related contracts
  • any other relevant information directly linked to the achievement.

The assessment panel will not impinge on any intellectual property linked to the achievement and strict adherence to security of information supplied as part of the nomination will apply.