Objectives: Support SMEs to optimise business practices and increase employment opportunities for Territorians and identify and support the development of new industries, opportunities and investment.

Karen Sheldon holding pan of food in a kitchenA capable Northern Territory business and industry community is the key to opportunities for successful recruitment, retention and development of employees.

The Territory Government provides a range of support services to industry and business to help grow industry capacity and capability, improve business competitiveness, stimulate innovation and improve productivity.

The government also undertakes investment attraction, promotion and facilitation activities aimed at supporting business and industry growth.

A competitive and broad based business environment encourages ongoing workforce skills development, increased responsiveness to change, greater productivity and enhanced economic development.

Priority strategies and actions

  • Boost the Industry Build Skills Program to support industry to identify their skills needs and give Territorians working in industry the opportunities to upskill and gain recognised qualifications.
  • Support SMEs to embrace eCommerce with a new Technology Solutions grant program that provides tailored eBusiness solutions.
  • Develop a Jobs Portal creating an online jobs shop to connect employers and job seekers to meet increased business needs in a dynamic employment market.

Continuing strategies and actions

  • Reform government procurement policy to make it simpler, easier and fairer for local businesses to win government work.
  • Provide assistance for SMEs to enhance business performance, profitability, market penetration, employment levels and resource-efficient practices. For more information visit the Guide to Business Growth programs.
  • Provide ongoing support to help local businesses develop the capabilities necessary to secure valuable contracts and opportunities from resource and infrastructure projects.
  • Promote the Northern Territory as ‘open for business’ and ‘investment ready’ to ensure a continued pipeline of major project developments providing sustainable economic growth and job creation.
  • Targeted national and international investment attraction campaigns to attract new industry development and encourage partnerships with local business to enhance and grow local industry capability.
  • Attract local, interstate and overseas industry and Defence investment to the Defence Support Hub, which will broaden our region’s Defence support industry.
  • Facilitate economic development and jobs growth for remote communities.
  • Provide financial and other support to industry associations to support industry development and increased job opportunities.
  • Maximise local industry participation in major projects and significant government projects through Industry Participation Plans and support the Industry Capability Network.
  • Work with the Australian Government and industry to inform migration policy to support businesses to attract skilled and semi-skilled workers when none can be sourced locally or nationally, including developing tailored regional agreements.
  • Partner with industry, peak bodies and unions to promote the Territory as a place to live and work through marketing campaigns and international migration exhibitions and career exhibitions across Australia and overseas.

Measuring success

Growing the size of the Territory workforce.

‘One of the most valuable skills transfer that migrants offer is their work ethic and their determination to overcome all obstacles to build a better life for themselves and their families.

‘We are finding that the sharing of culture and customs works both ways and we know we are making real headway in closing the gap in Alice Springs as we are slowly and steadily assisting local Indigenous jobseekers to convert from welfare recipients to taxpayers with career visions and working lives.’ - Karen Sheldon, Karen Sheldon Catering